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Liebermax is your financial partner dedicated to growing and preserving client assets and building trust, in partnership with financial professionals and institutions worldwide.

Our team of professional traders will be actively trading our funds in major stock exchange markets worldwide, and by 2019, we will be stepping into the most talked about cryptocurrency trading markets.

Your investments are safe and assured with Liebermax. We offer daily returns on your investments and withdrawals will be processed instantly through our various choices of payment processors, including cryptocurrencies.

Investment Overview

Daily Earnings

You will be credited your daily earnings 24hrs after your initial deposit has become active.

Earn from 3% to 9% Daily

Variable interest rates will be given depending on the amount of your investments.

8% Referral Commission

Get 8% referral commissions if a family member or friend registers an investor account via your referral link and makes an investment.

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Why Invest with Liebermax?


We are an experienced investment company with over 44 years of experience in the stock market.


We are determined to secure our investors' funds at the highest level. We have all the necessary server-side and client-side security tools in place.


Our website is designed with simplicity in mind, to ease investment and user operations.

Dedicated Support

Our administrative, technical and marketing team will be happy to take care of your requests at any time of the day.

Investment Statistics

Running Days: 33

Total Invested: $14781

Total Paid: $4918

No. of Accounts: 255